Was founded as an independent, not-f0r-profit virtual centre by Dr John Gonzalez in 2015. The Centre is dedicated to the publication, discussion and promotion of high-quality research in the fields of history, politics, philosophy and sociology focusing on past and present Russia and Eurasia.

It aims to bring scholars from all over the world working in similar areas together through the immediate exchange of ideas, resources and papers. It aims to help, bolster and encourage scholars who would like to have their work read and reviewed by their peers in a friendly, informal professional manner. The Centre will upload selected papers immediately to facilitate peer interactions and collaborative learning in an effort to produce effective and engaging outcomes for all involved in the quickest turnaround time possible.



Dr John Gonzalez

Dr John Biggart

Australian National Centre for Russian and EurAsian Studies

O.V.Volobuev &  J.Gonzalez on 150 Anniversary Since the Birth of N.A.Rozhkov.
J.Biggart on:
Sergei Stepanovich Chakhotin.pdfWelcome_files/Sergei_Stepanovich_Chakhotin._A_Russian.pdfWelcome_files/Sergei_Stepanovich_Chakhotin._A_Russian.pdfWelcome_files/Sergei_Stepanovich_Chakhotin._A_Russian_1.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1